Professional Work

Dr. Mario Villarroel Lander, a litigation lawyer for 40 years, has extensive experience in the Venezuelan courts, showing superior professional skills, proven competence, and moral responsibility that are fully aligned with the most advanced principles of development and transformation that his country is undergoing.

The law firm that bears his surname aims to provide comprehensive legal advice and assistance to its distinguished customers with high levels of efficiency, dependability, reliability, and confidentiality in both judicial and extra-judicial matters, and provide an appropriate and timely response to all legal matters.

He is a responsible lawyer and his priority has always been to provide his clients with legal security and certainty, with the strongest commitment to the ethical and moral principles that govern his profession. This guarantees a different type of service with innovative features that break away from the traditional paradigms of practice, in view of his highly competitive profile.  

Dr. Mario Villarroel’s legal office is proud to offer its clients a high-quality customer-oriented legal service, with the same professionalism and dedication that has allowed him to be successful for years in the dynamic Venezuelan legal scenario.